Our Team

Every day, our aim is to make your visit to our dentists as pleasant as possible. We want you to feel comfortable with us.

As a team – with you as a patient of our dentists – we ensure you of a stress-free, fear-free atmosphere. We are always there for you with a smile:

“At BERLIN SMILE, we put into practice our vision of a sophisticated dental center and combine years of experience, state-of-the-art dental technology, equipment and advice with people at its focus.”

BERLIN SMILE Team: Loana Kressin, Verwaltung

Loana Kressin

BERLIN SMILE Team: Jens Hoppe, Empfang

Jens Hoppe

BERLIN SMILE Team: Monika Dave, Zahnmedizinische Assistenz

Monika Dave
Dental nurse

BERLIN SMILE Team: Alana-Melanie Abdul-Hafiz, Zahnmedizinische Assistenz

Alana-Melanie Abdul-Hafiz
Dental nurse


Hanim Yasar
Dental nurse

BERLIN SMILE Team: Arnd M. Prinz, Kaufmännische Leitung

Arndt M. Prinz

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