Aesthetic dentistry

Beautiful teeth

Your smile is your showpiece, whether it is at work, studying or in your private life. A beautiful smile is worth a lot and should be protected and, if necessary, definitely be restored.

There are many ways to achieve beautiful teeth: Various techniques allow us to correct both the colour and the position of the teeth. This includes for example fillings, veneers, tooth whitening / bleaching and (partial) crowns. At BERLIN SMILE, our equipment means that, if necessary, treatment can be entirely metal-free.

But before we apply ourselves to the aesthetics of your teeth, dental health is always our highest priority. Because healthy teeth are the basis for beautiful teeth.

Which materials are used for fillings?

1 – Direct filling

For smaller defects and damage to the teeth, direct fillings are used, which can be applied extremely quickly and without complications. So that the filling does not stand out in the natural look of your mouth, we use a tooth-colored plastic (composite). Of course, the filling material will be matched to your personal tooth color.

2. Indirect fillings (inlays)

In comparison to direct fillings, indirect fillings are more intricate, as they must be made in a laboratory by a specialist. The material chosen is usually ceramic or gold. We always decide which material is best for you based on your individual situation.

Gold has advantages with regards to fit accuracy and longevity, while ceramic can be matched to your tooth color and is useful for larger defects.


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I don’t like my front teeth – what can I do?

Many people are not happy with their front teeth, as they are a particular focus when smiling. Here, it is important to find out first whether the problem is aesthetic or whether the teeth have any defects.

In the case of a dental defect, the gaps which arise should be closed with fillings and/or dentures. However, if you are dissatisfied only with the color of the front teeth, this is an aesthetic problem which can be corrected with the help of tooth whitening (bleaching).

In some cases, so-called combined treatment can be used, where both the defect is fixed and the tooth color is corrected using bleaching. Feel free to ask us about this! – we will advise you on which treatments come into question for you and show you what results you can expect.

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