Our prophylaxis team

Competent advice and masterful skill: A good feeling at BERLIN SMILE.

At BERLIN SMILE our experienced team stands for years of expertise in dental treatment. We are open to new ideas and treatment approaches. We regularly use further training and specialist conferences to critically review our work.

“With BERLIN SMILE, we are completely reinventing the idea of the dentist. As a dentist today, I am not simply a service provider, but also a person of trust and an advisor. My colleagues and I accompany people on their path for a beautiful smile and strong, healthy teeth. This is a great responsibility and at the same time, a daily motivation for us.”

Jenifer Walz
Dental prophylaxis assistant

Doreen von Wiegen
Dental hygienist

Prophylaxe PZR Berlin

Lida Trabzadah
Dental prophylaxis assistant

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