Oral surgery

The umbrella term of oral surgery covers various surgical procedures which are carried out in the oral cavity. They thus relate to the teeth, the jaw and the surrounding soft tissues.

Bone regenerative procedures (augmentations) and the placement of implants are among our most frequent treatments in the field of oral surgery. In addition to this, we offer the following services in our practice:

  • Tooth removal (so-called extractions)
  • Osteotomies (removal of displaced teeth or remains of teeth)
  • Apicoectomies
  • Preprosthetic surgery
  • Surgical periodontal therapy

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Apicoectomy (WSR)

An apicoectomy can save you from the otherwise certain loss of a tooth.

Here, all the tips of the root of a tooth which is anchored in the bone are exposed and then removed. The procedure serves to eliminate existing focuses of inflammation which have migrated to the tips of the root via the dental nerve and which cannot be rectified with a normal root canal treatment.

An apicoectomy is often recommended when the bone in the area of the root is already infected or potentially when a cyst in the jawbone or a granuloma have already formed. An apicoectomy means that the doctor treating you can clean this problematic dental root area again, close it off to bacteria and protect you as best as possible from losing your tooth.

Preprosthetic surgery

Preprosthetic surgery includes surgical procedures which lead to better support and improved integration of a dental prosthesis. Usually, it is older patients, mostly those without teeth, who require this type of procedure.

After the loss of a tooth or teeth, the jawbone constantly changes and loses volume in the process. For this reason, the bone supply can be altered in a long-lasting way, such that good prosthesis support is no longer guaranteed. The aim of the surgical procedure is therefore to obtain a resilient, muscle-free surface of the bone or to transform non-resilient sections of the bone into resilient sections.

Surgical periodontal therapy

Periodontal surgery is only required when the bone damage is already advanced to the point that normal periodontal treatment has reached its limits. Advances in research mean that today, it is possible, under specific conditions, to regenerate the structure of the periodontal apparatus, i.e. to re-grow this structure. For this purpose, various “bone replacement materials are used. A truly major breakthrough, as often this allows teeth to be retained which would in the past certainly have had to be removed!

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