Technical equipment

State-of-the-art technology and the highest quality

We are one of the most modern dental centers in Berlin.
With regards to technical equipment, we worked only with the most well-known dental specialist companies. This means that we make dental treatment according to modern dentistry possible, and implement the highest quality standards.

Our goal: the best possible and most pleasant treatment for you.


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Digital 3D X-rays (DVT)

In our practice, we offer three-dimensional X-rays (digital volume tomography = DVT).
This technique means that we can see all the details of the complex jaw and teeth structure, allowing us to make differential diagnoses.

In the end, this cutting-edge technique is of the most benefit to you as a patient.
This is the only way to recognise and treat potential dental problems early on.
The high-resolution X-ray images also make it possible for us to carry out minimally invasive procedures, allowing us to achieve successful treatment while also protecting your teeth.

Particularly important: alongside its comprehensive technique equipment, our X-ray device is particularly low in radiation compared to computer tomography.

Technische Ausstattung der Praxis: digitales Röntgen

3D implantology

Our X-ray images are displayed in three dimensions on the computer.
This means we can precisely plan implants and determine the exact position in the jaw using special templates.

Technische Ausstattung der Praxis: computergestützte 3D Implantologie


Our dentists carry out all treatment with a special loupe (with up to 5-times magnification).
This allows them to carry out precise, minimally invasive procedures, protecting your teeth.

Technische Ausstattung der Praxis: Lupenbrille, ermöglicht eine minimalinvasive und zahnschonende Behandlung

Automatic endodontics (root canal treatment)

Mechanically-supported root canal treatments (endodontics) allow for treatment which is extremely gentle to teeth, whereby as little as possible is removed.

Electrometric length measurement

Using “Raypex”, we can measure the length of your dental roots to within millimeter-level accuracy.
This approach is extremely precise and protects you from unnecessary radiation exposure from multiple X-rays.


During professional dental cleaning, a powder jet device is used to remove any tooth discolorations without pain.
The device works using pressurized air.

At BERLIN SMILE, we use the newest device from the manufacturers EMS, the “AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master”.

Technische Ausstattung der Praxis: AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master von EMS
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