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Endodontics is also colloquially known as root canal treatment and concerns the interior of the teeth (endo = internal, odont = tooth).

When do I need root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is required when the so-called pulp has become infected or has died due to a long-lasting infection. The pulp is located inside the tooth – it is protected by the dental enamel and the dentin.

When bacteria spread to the apex of the dental root, damage may occur to the surrounding jawbone. The result: an abscess and the typical “swollen cheek”.

95% success rate thanks to modern technology

In recent years, treatment methods have developed at a breakneck speed, not only in the field of endodontics. This has meant that the overall quality of treatment has significantly increased.

Among other things, we can make use of flexible instruments made from new alloys and carry out electronic measurements of the length of the dental roots. In addition, rinses activated by ultrasound and three-dimensional root fillings are used. The introduction of dental microscopes means we are able to recognize even the smallest dental structures and treat them in a targeted manner.

Endodontic treatment has a success rate of up to 95%, when modern instruments and methods are used.

What alternatives are there?

The alternative to root canal treatment is removal of the affected tooth.
If all the requirements are met, however, we always recommend carrying out endodontic treatment.

The removal of a real tooth should always be well-considered, since implants cannot hold a candle to natural teeth with regards to functionality.

Costs involved with endodontics procedures

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a fixed price, as the costs always depend on the complexity of the treatment (including the type of treatment and the number of teeth affected).

Initially, an implant often seems like the best and simplest solution.
However, it is only possible to retain the natural tooth with the help of endodontic treatment. Even in complicated cases, root canal treatment is usually the cheaper option – implants are often more expensive.

For us, retaining your natural teeth is always the highest priority. With the help of the latest technology, we are usually able to retain the real tooth.


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Treatment steps of root canal treatment

1. Gaining an overview

With the help of a dental microscope and a dye, the first step is to search for additional root canal entrances (in over 90% of cases, for example, the upper molar has an additional 4th canal).

2. Cleaning and shaping with flexible instruments

During the treatment, the affected tooth is isolated with a special surgical cloth (rubber dam) in order to avoid the entrance of saliva – and the associated bacteria.

We use particularly flexible and supple instruments which make it possible to work precisely – this means that curved canal structures do not pose a problem. In order to measure the length of the root canal, we use a state-of-the-art electronic length measurement device.

3. Disinfection (antibacterial rinses)

Disinfection is of great importance before and during treatment. In order to reach all the branched off bifurcations, we follow proven rinse protocols in which various active ingredients are combined. Activation via ultrasound means that the effectiveness of the disinfection can be further increased.

4. Root filling with liquid filling material

In order to fill the roots, a liquid filling material is used at BERLIN SMILE, as it can penetrate far better than normal solid filling materials into the finest of cavities. Specialists refer to this principle as “thermoplastic three dimensional root filling”.

5. Cover filling

The cover filling has a very important role to play: blocking off the interior of the tooth, so that after treatment is completed, no more bacteria can enter. For this, we use a plastic which is sealed off to bacteria, which is applied with a special adhesive technique.

Observation – Image 1: with the naked eye, Image 2: with a loupe, Image 3: with a microscope

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is really worth it. In recent years, we have gathered a range of experience, based on which we would recommend endodontic treatment to everyone with a clear conscience.

Retaining your natural teeth is the highest priority. Root canal treatment makes it possible for us to retain real teeth which, several years ago, would have had to be removed.

Even in unfavorable or complicated initial situations, the German Association of Restorative Dentistry quotes a success rate for endodontic treatment of 80% (in uncomplicated cases, up to 95%). The only qualification: modern treatment methods must be used.

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