Bonus booklet

What is the bonus booklet?

Holders of statutory health insurance policies who need dentures (bridges, prostheses) receive a contribution towards the costs from the health insurance company (so-called fixed subsidy). The level of this fixed subsidy is no longer based on the actual costs of the dentures, but is determined in a general manner based on the type of treatment. For example, if a new crown is required, a certain amount is paid by the statutory health insurance. If the patient has a so-called bonus booklet, the subsidy may be higher. The bonus booklet is available from all dentists. For each year in which the patient attends a check-up appointment with the dentist, they receive a stamp.

The steps of the bonus system

20 % bonus: The patient receives an extra payment of 20% in addition to the normal fixed subsidy if they attended check-up appointment with the dentist for five years in a row (5 stamps).

30 % bonus: Those who have collected stamps annually for ten years receive an extra payment of 30% of the fixed subsidy.

Further information on the bonus booklet

  • The bonus booklet is available from all dentists.
  • You only receive the bonus if the annual entries (stamps) in the bonus booklet do not have gaps.
  • These entries can also be added retrospectively, if the dentist can prove that the patient attended a check-up appointment at this time.
  • The entries can also be made by different dentists.
  • If the bonus booklet is lost, the dentist must fill out a new booklet with the relevant evidence.
    However, each dentist can only enter the examinations they made themselves in the bonus booklet.
  • Make sure you always get your bonus booklet back, for example if you need to submit it to the health insurance company.
  • Never throw old bonus booklets away.
  • If you did not have a bonus booklet, make sure you get one as soon as possible.
    Try to get previous dentists to enter details of your previous check-up appointments.
  • Let us know that you have a bonus booklet.
    This is particularly important if dentures are to be applied for with your health insurance company.
    Usually, we ask you whether you have a bonus booklet.
    But it helps if you also think of it.


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