Do you have a toothache?

Nobody wants to have a toothache

Acute toothaches are not only unpleasant – they often completely take away your energy to go about your daily life. We get to the bottom of your toothache and make you free of complaints again – as quickly as possible!

The causes of the pain can have different reasons. In almost every case, however, they point to a situation around the teeth, gums or jaw that requires treatment.

Whether acute or occasional, at a specific spot or over a larger area – if you’re suffering from toothache, a timely visit to our BERLIN SMILE DENTRAL CENTER. is always recommended. In the case of acute pain, we can often even offer you a same-day appointment.
Contact us now for your quick pain relief appointment.

We get to the bottom of the pain

During your pain appointment, we’ll analyze the cause of your toothache together. We’ll take a close look at the affected area and, if necessary, take an x-ray. Once the cause is found, then together we discuss the problem and the best therapy to get you pain-free again as quickly as possible. As a rule, we start treatment immediately.

The sooner the better

Time is of the essence on the road to freedom from pain. The sooner you make your pain appointment, the sooner we can diagnose the problem and the more treatment options we have available. This head start on time is instrumental in helping us provide you with effective dental care that always favors the most minimal intervention. Make your pain relief appointment now.


In an emergency, get a same-day pain appointment with us.
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