Dental costs: General information

Costs at BERLIN SMILE: transparent, honest and fair

It can sometimes be hard to orientate yourself with regards to services and costs for dental services. Often, there are several treatment options and it is not always clear which costs the health insurance will cover entirely, partially or not at all.

For this reason,transparent and honest explanation of costs is important to us. Before treatment, we discuss with you the costs you can expect.
In addition, we help you with claims for reimbursement and correspondence with your health insurance company.

Precise plans for your treatment and cost estimates can usually only be made after an individual examination in our practice and, in some cases, only when treatment is completed. This is because the costs of treatment also depend on the difficulty and complexity of the individual case.

In most cases, however, it is possible to stay within the budget for the stated treatments, or to make a more precise estimate in advance.
Individual particularities are therefore discussed in every case in detail before treatment begins.


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