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Professional teeth whitening for radiantly white teeth

Bright teeth give an attractive, youthful and healthy appearance.
But who naturally has bright teeth?
Very few people!
As we get older, our teeth get darker.

Many people are so unhappy with the color of their teeth that they suffer from decreased self-esteem.
We think it doesn’t have to be that way!

With the help of professional bleaching, we can precisely whiten your teeth in just 60 minutes.
You can find out everything you need to know about teeth whitening at BERLIN SMILE on this page.

Bleaching / Zahnaufhellung mit Fläsh-Whitening-Lamp (LED) in der Zahnarztpraxis

Prices – what does bleaching cost?

Prices for professional bleaching begin at 395 euros.

However, the final overall costs vary depending on treatment form and other individual requirements.

Naturally, before your bleaching appointment we will inform you of precisely what costs you should expect – there are no unpleasant surprises with us.

More information:
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What is bleaching?

The process of bleaching removes discolorations to the teeth and whitens them. Usually, you can select the precise shade yourself or decide for yourself, how much brighter your teeth should be. Professional teeth whitening relies on a chemical oxidation reaction, which is triggered by the combination of hydrogen peroxide, active chlorophyll and extremely bright LED light.

When is bleaching useful?

Professional bleaching is always a good option if you are unhappy with the color of your teeth. We particularly recommend teeth whitening to our patients if their self-esteem is suffering and they are feeling ashamed of their own teeth, either at work or in their private lives, and no longer feel comfortable smiling wholeheartedly.

Office bleaching at the dentist’s

Office bleaching is the most effective and also the most pleasant bleaching method. As the name suggests, office bleaching takes place solely in the dental practice. We can brighten your teeth in just one session (approximately 1 hour).

We use the Fläsh whitening concept, one of the most modern and innovative teeth whitening systems on the German dental market. You can only get Fläsh at selected dental practices which are able to guarantee safe, professional implementation.

Using highly dosed hydrogen peroxide gel (32% H2O2), active chlorophyll and the Fläsh whitening lamp, highly powered LED technology, discolorations in the dental enamel are permanently dissolved.

During a session, a total of 3 rounds of 15 minutes each are carried out.
You will be impressed by the “WOW” moment – after just one session, your teeth appear radiantly white!

For sensitive teeth and/or whitening of individual teeth, special settings can be used, for example by applying the hydrogen peroxide precisely to the teeth to be whitened or carefully dosing the light output of the Fläsh lamp.

Optimal adjustment, satisfied patients, perfect results – see for yourself!

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Home bleaching

For patients who would prefer to optimize the color of their teeth bit by bit, we also offer the variant of “fläsh home bleaching”.
Here, we prepare custom teeth guards for you in our laboratory.

The bleaching compound (16% H2O2), which you apply to the teeth guards by yourself at home, has a somewhat lower dose than during office bleaching at our practice.
The teeth guards are then worn at night.

The guards prepared in the laboratory precisely cover the teeth, meaning that damage to the gums can be avoided.
Home bleaching can also be used to refresh a previous in-office bleaching.

The process of home bleaching is significantly more complex and less comfortable than office bleaching.
This is because of the lower dosage of the bleaching gel and because several appointments in the practice are required, among other reasons.

Internal bleaching

During root canal treatment, individual teeth may become discolored on the inside.
But even in these cases, we can help you with so-called ”internal bleaching”.

Here, the relevant tooth is opened and cleaned starting from the chewing surface.
We then introduce a mild bleaching agent into the tooth for a period of time, which removes the gray color.

After these steps have been carried out, the tooth is sealed with a new tooth-colored filling.

How does bleaching work?

Before bleaching begins, we always carry out professional dental cleaning, in order to remove surface-level deposits and discolorations.
This ensures that the teeth whitening actually takes place directly on the surface of the teeth.

What do I need to consider before the bleaching?

In general, there is not too much to consider before a bleaching.
Whether bleaching is suitable for your case or whether there are perhaps some obstacles can only be decided by us on location in our practice.

Feel free to arrange a consultation appointment for this, where we can decide together whether bleaching is worthwhile for you.
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What do I need to consider after bleaching?

For the best possible results, you should remember various things directly after bleaching (in the first 24 hours):

  • Drink plenty, as the bleaching process dries the teeth out slightly
  • Do not use colored toothpastes or mouthwashes
  • Avoid indulging in things which may discolor the teeth (coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco)
  • Avoid eating other foods which may discolor the teeth (e.g. saffron)

Avoiding foodstuffs which may discolor the teeth is particularly important, as the teeth are extremely sensitive to new discolorations immediately after bleaching.

How long do the effects of teeth whitening last?

How long the whitening lasts for after bleaching varies from patient to patient and is also depending on our eating and drinking habits.

Those wishing to benefit from radiantly white teeth for particularly long should also avoid as much as possible for longer than the first 24 hours the foodstuffs named above which may discolor the teeth.

Bleaching experiences

Online you can find plenty of patient testimonials by patients who have chosen professional bleaching at the dentist’s office.
We would like to share some testimonials with you:

“Of course I was able to marvel at my white teeth in the practice, but in the car in natural daylight I could see them in their full splendor! Conclusion: I just can’t look away. Wow, my teeth are beautifully white. It looks so great!!!”

Source: Mareike from (Accessed: 01/07/2021)

“I’m very satisfied with the result, you can see the difference to how it used to be really clearly!
Every morning when I look in the mirror, I feel pleased about my bright teeth, because it makes you look so much fresher and more healthy.”

Source: Josephin from (Accessed: 01/07/2021)

“I’m super satisfied.
I’m so happy… I’m so glad I did it.
[…] The result is incredible.
[…] You can definitely see the difference!”

Source: Jacqueline from YouTube-Kanal JackieLina (Accessed: 01/07/2021)

Is bleaching harmful?

Normally, bleaching is not harmful for your teeth.
This is confirmed both by research and above all things by our years of experience as dentists.

Nonetheless, in order to avoid unnecessary risks, before the bleaching we analyze your teeth in order to discover for example any exposed necks of teeth or other problematic areas which must be well-covered during the bleaching.

In addition, if necessary we check how long ago the last bleaching took place in order to ensure that the teeth are not whitened too often.

Pain during or after bleaching?

The bleaching itself is completely pain-free.

Occasionally, patients report a slight ache and increased sensitivity of the teeth after bleaching.
This may happen, but is no cause for concern and usually vanishes after just a few hours.

Before, during and after the treatment, we do everything we can to avoid these unpleasant side-effects.
For example, we can finely adjust the light output of the fläsh whitening lamp to protect sensitive teeth.

White teeth without bleaching – is that possible?

In adverts and online, many different toothpastes with a so-called “whitening effect” are promoted, which supposedly whiten teeth in the blink of an eye.
However, the promised effects usually do not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

The editorial office of the Öko-Test magazine also concluded that “radiantly white teeth using toothpaste is, in our opinion, unrealistic.” (Click here for the Öko-Test report).

Often, the manufacturer’s promises refer to the removal of surface discolorations which occur during the day.
More in-depth or long-term whitening of the teeth cannot be achieved solely with the help of toothpaste.
This is particularly true for internal discolorations to the teeth.

Thus: Those wanting to professionally whiten their teeth cannot avoid bleaching supervised by a dentist.


Those unsatisfied with the natural color of their teeth or suffering from discolored teeth due to a dental procedure should consider professional bleaching.

We particularly recommend teeth whitening to our patients when the color of their teeth is affecting their self-confidence and/or self-esteem.
Whether at school, at university or at work: Everyone should be able to laugh wholeheartedly – without any shame.

At BERLIN SMILE, we use the state-of-the-art “fläsh” bleaching concept by the German manufacturer WHITEsmile GmbH, located in Birkenau.
In just 60 minutes, we can visibly whiten your teeth by several shades.
This type of result is not possible using so-called whitening toothpastes.

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Author: Dr. Patrick Prinz is the founder and owner of the BERLIN SMILE dental center.
He is also the Medical Director.
More about Dr. Prinz.
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