Invisalign testimonials and real before and after photos

“Is Invisalign even able to correct complexly misaligned teeth with its flexible plastic aligners?” The answer is: yes, it can! In this report, we would like to show you real testimonials from satisfied patients who have already used Invisalign or are currently being treated. See for yourself…

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a modern method of correcting misaligned teeth. Unlike standard metal braces, flexible plastic aligners are used, which are almost invisible in the mouth.

The so-called aligners can be taken out at any time. This means that you can eat and drink what you like during treatment.

Usually, misaligned teeth can be corrected more quickly with the Invisalign method than with normal braces. Additionally, in many cases Invisalign is even the cheaper alternative (see also: Invisalign costs).

Further information: Invisalign at BERLIN SMILE

Experiences with Invisalign: what our customers say

We would like to show you a few testimonials from patients who have been able to increase their self-confidence and finally feel comfortable smiling wholeheartedly again.

“Recently, it had been increasingly bothering me that my teeth weren’t completely straight, but normal braces were out of the question for me. With Invisalign, I was able to fulfill my dream of having straight teeth – without any wire in my mouth. Thank you!”

Alex M. (26)

“I always refused to wear normal metal braces. Just the idea was a nightmarish thought for me, mostly because of school. But I wasn’t happy with my teeth, either. Then my mother coincidentally heard about Invisalign. I was amazed by the possibility right away, and decided to do it relatively quickly too. My treatment is almost finished and I’m already really happy with the results.”

Lena P. (17)

“I started treatment two months ago and can already see the first significant changes. That’s motivating and is a really great feeling! I can hardly wait to see the final result in a few months.”

Felix L. (31)

“I didn’t really need my teeth straightening for medical reasons. But even when I was younger, I already envied people who naturally had really straight teeth. In my case there was definitely still room for improvement… Last year, when I was 42, I finally decided to get my teeth done. The Invisalign method gave me a lot of freedom during the treatment, especially at work. I never would have thought that it would be possible with braces made of plastic!”

Nadine P. (43)

More experiences with Invisalign

In order to portray as many experiences and opinions from different perspectives as possible, below we would like to give patients their say who were not treated in our dental practice in Berlin Mitte .

“[My colleagues] hadn’t even noticed my braces yet and I had been sitting next to them for a month already. […] Although you notice changes fairly quickly, there’s no pain at all.”

Source: Joana Greimers on (Accessed: 07/15/2020)

“If you just compare with how it was before and that was only seven months ago… Seven… It was worth it. It was really worth it, I’m really happy. I can laugh again.”

Source: “Sassy Time” on (Accessed: 07/15/2020)

“I’m almost half-way through now […]. I’ve already noticed significant improvements or changes, it goes pretty fast […] I would definitely say: for me, it’s worth it […]. It’s really tolerable for me, the whole process.”

Source: Adriana (Paint Pot) on (Accessed: 07/15/2020)

Before and after photos with Invisalign

Here, you can find some authentic before and after photos. The images on the right-hand side are simulations which we can prepare on location in the practice in just a few moments.

Invisalign Vorher Nachher Bild - Frau

Invisalign Vorher-Nachher Bild - Mann

Invisalign Vorher-Nachher Bild - Frau 2

Are there patients who have had bad experiences?

In most cases, patients’ expectations of Invisalign are met or even exceeded. For this success, the treatment must be carried out precisely. Additionally, the invisible braces must be worn as recommended.

In order to avoid bad experiences and/or disappointments, we put great value in explaining the particularities of Invisalign treatment to our patients. We have collected some facts and information for you, which should help you to begin treatment with realistic expectations.

How invisible are the aligners?

The aligners are colorless or transparent, meaning that particularly at a distance, they are almost invisible. At a normal conversational distance, however, attentive conversation partners may notice the aligners. Unlike normal braces, however, your natural radiance and your smile are not affected.

Can you talk with Invisalign?

Yes, even when wearing the braces you can speak and chat without problems. To begin with, you may need to get used to the new feeling when speaking. After a short adjustment phase, however, you will find it just as easy to speak as without the aligner.

Eating and drinking during treatment

In general, you can eat and drink whatever you like during Invisalign treatment. However, you must remove the plastic aligner first. When wearing the aligner, you can only drink (cold to lukewarm) water – hot drinks could deform the plastic aligner.

Pain during treatment

Similarly to normal braces, during Invisalign treatment the teeth are shifted into the correct position with pressure. In particular at the beginning of treatment, this pressure may lead to pain or an unpleasant feeling. The intensity of the pain always depends on the patient and is dependent above all on the extent to which the teeth are misaligned.

According to patients, however, this feeling of pressure vanishes after just a few hours or days. Furthermore, many patients experience no pain at all!

Wearing lipstick

During treatment, it may be necessary to avoid wearing lipstick, as it may get onto or behind the aligner. Usually, you can continue to use lip care products – if necessary, changing products may be required.


The Invisalign method is reliable – this is shown not least by the many positive reports. If patients do have bad experiences, this is often linked to incorrect expectations and/or a lack of information provided to them. We have therefore attempted to deal with some misunderstandings in this article, and to set realistic expectations for the treatment.

Are you unhappy with your teeth and uncomfortable smiling wholeheartedly? With Invisalign treatment, misaligned teeth can be corrected without classmates or colleagues noticing.

In our practice, we offer a 3D scan 100% free of charge. Using a realistic simulation, you can then see exactly what is possible with Invisalign and decide whether a treatment is worth considering for you. Make a no-obligation appointment now!

For further questions regarding the Invisalign concept and the process of treatment, our team will of course be happy to help you. Contact us.

Author: Dr. (ES) Marlon Torsten is a dentist and a specialist in the invisible correction of misaligned teeth with Invisalign at BERLIN SMILE. He was awarded his license to practice as a dentist in 2019. More about Dr. Torsten.
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